Much like any other industry, fashion companies have challenges to be dealt with on a day to day basis. From generating new leads to delivering high-quality products on time is the routine work that needs to be constantly achieved by the team. Managing diverse objectives with multiple solutions can be a daunting task. One solution that does it all can help businesses achieve goals faster and at a lower investment. When objectives are constantly achieved, customer satisfaction goes up which draws more business and profits.

Here’s an overview of what you and your team can easily achieve using TailorPad:

  1. With just a login, access your database in clean UI from any device at any time. Freedom from maintaining IT infrastructure.
  2. With user/role permissions, control who can do what.
  3. From creating customer profiles to creating job work orders, manage retail easily using Sales Form that lets you do it all swiftly.
  4. Your accounting and inventory is managed automatically while you are processing orders.
  5. Record purchases invoices, maintain supplier’s account and their timely payments.
  6. Allot and complete operations according to predefined workflows and achieve quality results, using QC.
  7. Make selective deliveries, accept payments and analyze sales.
  8. Manage full employee life cycle from leave and attendance tracking, expense claims, salary and payroll, recruitment, performance and more.
  9. Full-fledged integrated accounting module covering every aspect of book keeping including taxes (VAT, GST etc).
  10. Powerful reporting such as cash flow, profit & loss, cost of goods sold and taxation reports helps you take better decisions that shapes up your business in the long run.

All that and much more on the cloud, ready to be explored and adopted by you so that your people can work as required and you can do what you want.

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