TailorPad is a multi user friendly cloud based software for small and medium size garment shop owners and boutiques who want to streamline their work flow and exercise better control over their business. With TailorPad you can:

  1. Record customer profile and their measurements
  2. Create orders and style their garments
  3. Timely process, control and finishing the orders
  4. Deliver order and complete transaction
  5. Retrieve previous details
  6. Receive notifications for quick access to pending work
  7. Full accounting with taxation reports
  8. Cash flow, sale, purchase and financial analysis
  9. Chat with colleague using inbuilt messaging tool
  10. Contact your customers with inbuilt email & sms tool

Just to name a few important ones. You will never need another software for your business. TailorPad is the most enabled cloud based erp software in the bespoke market.

Trusted and used by some of the most renowned dressmakers in India and abroad for over 10 years and counting. With TailorPad you get complete peace of mind and accountability for every activity in your organization.

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