TailorPad is a full stack cloud app that cleverly packs all the standard business modules to equip you and your people with right tools to perform routine tasks easily from anywhere, anytime. Now it is as powerful as it is easy to use even on mobile or tablet.

Our latest version v8 is loaded with new features and capabilities. Here is a quick preview (click image to enlarge)

Item Page

With new in-form dashboard, you can easily navigate around linked documents, create new transaction, view/move stock levels easily.

Billing & Payments

Create Invoices using touch-friendly POS terminal. Sell your RTW, accessories and custom services. Record discount and advance, track outstanding payments and issue credit notes.

Quick Sales Form

One form to create customer profile, record measurements and style preference, select trims, prepare orders and accept payments in a jiffy. Ideal for tailors on the go who cannot spend more than a few minutes per client.


Manage your customer’s profile, attach images, measurements and style preferences quickly. Check their order status and accounting ledger instantly.


A dedicated module to easily manage your business relationship with leads and customers. Create Newsletters and promote your brand, offers etc. Use SMS Center to broadcast SMS to your custom recipient list.


Create your own image based Measurement & Style templates and use it across your tailoring product lines. Create custom letterheads, print formats and terms footer.

Buying & Inventory

Fully EDI enabled architecture that automatically raises Material Requests for fast moving SKUs and email Purchase Orders to Suppliers. Industry standard tools and powerful reporting makes it easy to manage your inventory.

Human Resource

Create Employees and their Salary Structure. Assign modules, branches and roles to them. Record their attendance, manage leave applications and expense claims. Generate payroll with one click and integrate it with accounting easily.


Manage production using Production Planning Tool to execute production date, item or customer wise. Assign operations, record time logs and piece rate payroll automatically. Improve product quality based on Quality Inspections.

Reporting / MIS

View reports like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Sales and Purchase Register, Item-wise Purchase History, Sales Analytics and many more. You can also create custom reports using the Report engine.