In the world of custom fashion, there is a lot more to a product than it’s color, size or design. Customization industry needs a transparent and modular lifecycle management of products from end to end while keeping your promise of quality and service to the client. So if you make customized garments, shoes, hats or any such stuff -
TailorPad is the most trusted and feature rich ERP software you can find.


It all started with a vision in 2005 when we developed a small software for our first client to create their customer accounts, record their measurements and create invoices. Within a year we realised the importance of maintaining such data and how crucial it is to carefully process them in order to achieve high customer retention beside many other benefits. We eventually optimized and opened it for the entire community of custom dressmakers, fashion designers, boutiques and tailor shops around the globe.


10 years and counting, TailorPad is not only technologically advanced but easy to use, feature rich and highly secured. Our unified focus on product quality and service excellence has earned trust of many nation wide and international customers who use our software to run their business successfully. Today our deep industry and functional expertise enable us to overcome challenging barriers and nurture your business potential so that you can create your success story.


We invite you to shake hands and take your business to new heights with us. We look forward to help you achieve business goals by constantly adding value while you are focusing on business strategies and opportunities. With TailorPad, we assure you complete peace of mind with total control over your people, products and prices of all your units spanned across states to continents. We simplified end to end tailoring so you can - Make Easy. At Smart Solutions, we strongly believe that our success is the outcome of yours.


All In One

Sales POS
Human Resource
Accounts and
many more…


With scalable cloud
technology, you get the
freedom from maintaining
expensive infrastructure.
It is designed to perform
with just a login and
with responsive architecture,
TailorPad can be accessed
from any phone, tablet
or pc using all
modern browsers.

Easy to implement

We built TailorPad with ease
of implementation in mind.
You can start using it
within 5 minutes with the
help of setup wizard.
You can import all your
existing customer, inventory,
financial data using import tool.
All the relevant controls and
field level tips are on board.


Your data is as important
for us as it is for you.
We have followed industry standard
security protocols to keep
your data safe and secure.
The ownership of your data
lies with you and you only.
Basic security features like
encrypted (https) sign-in,
encrypted passwords, encrypted
database names are in place.


Your Questions, Our Answers.

TailorPad is suitable for organizations of any size that retails, manufactures or distribute ready to wear and customized fashion products such as garments, shoes, hats etc. It has all the inbuilt modules like sales, inventory, production, accounts, HR etc integrated with each other. Users can access the software by simply logging into their dashboard via browser and carrying out their routine tasks. Anytime, anywhere.

People from different departments need to know and perform their day to day activities without missing any task. TailorPad provides respective module users all the data and tools to efficiently execute their roles spanned across multiple sites without any negligence. Business goals are constantly achieved when teams work in a synced environment.

With our lowest startup plan, small business can achieve greater efficiency with minimum investment. By easily accessing customer data and managing timely production with right tools, higher customer satisfaction is achieved which propagates better growth.

TailorPad is carefully designed to grow along with your business. Activating new users and assigning them duties is as easy as handing over the key. Merchants can focus more on their core strengths than worrying about IT setup. With such freedom, businesses grow quickly.

TailorPad is built with Python, JavaScript and has a Model-View-Controller architecture with metadata modeling tools that add flexibility for users to adapt the software to unique purposes. The transactions are fast and foolproof.

Our software is designed to meet such challenges. Live data from all the stores gets automatically consolidated and synced in real time giving you minute by minute details of all activities from all the sites. TailorPad can be configured to work with organization having multiple stores in same city to multiple stores in different countries having diverse pricing, products and people.

Yes, it has integrated personalised SMS and email functionality. Not only that, with built in CRM tools customers can be reached out easily about work status, appointments, reminders etc. Offers and newsletters can be easily broadcasted to all or selective clientele.

Certainly. With responsive design and multiple browser compatibility, it can be accessed from any iOS, Android or Windows device.

Our support team can be easily reached by email and phone. Our service levels are defined with maximum turnaround time of 48hrs. You also get a detailed User Manual to refer in case you need quick contextual help.

Subscription plans range from 2 users to unlimited users. All our annual subscription plans include full functionality with hosting, email support and updates.

All the plans are fully featured and includes hosting, email support and updates. Training & implementation packages available.

Subscription Packages

Now Available Offline Setup


1 Admin + 1 User

  • USD 480 Annually

per user per month


1 Admin + 5 Users

  • USD 1296 Annually

per user per month


1 Admin + 14 Users

  • USD 2700 Annually

per user per month


1 Admin + 39 Users

  • USD 5760 Annually

per user per month

Offline Setup

The software is deployed on your local system or NAS drive. Supports multi user access over the local network.
Internet connection not required for access. Contact for pricing.